Taping and Finishing Drywall

Drywall 101
First Published:
April 01, 2010
Last updated:
May 03, 2024

Drywall Taping and Finishing

If you have ever experimented with taping and finishing drywall you know that it is not as easy as the professionals make it look. Drywall finishing is an art that takes time and practice to master the technique. That being said, with enough patience and the right eye, most anyone can take care of small patches in drywall.

Level five has become somewhat of a buzz word to refer to the smoothest of smooth drywall finishes. Have you ever wondered where the term comes from? Level five finish includes skim coating the entire surface of drywall. Read this article for more info on level five finishes.

The different types of drywall mud and tape used as well the techniques applied make a difference in the finished product as well as it's durability. Browse some of the articles below to understand the intricacies of taping and finishing drywall.

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