Drywall Hanging Overview

Hanging Drywall

The term "Drywall Hanging" refers to the process of installing gypsum panels. General carpentry skills are needed to hang drywall. However, special tools unique to the hanging process make the job easier. Usually, Drywall Hangers are also responsible for installing metal or vinyl bead that covers and protects the outside corners. Drywall Hanging is followed up by Drywall Tapers who prepare the walls for Painting.

Cutting drywall panels is not difficult. Most cuts can be done using a utility knife and T square. Before electric routers became popular, many special drywall hanging tools were required to make different types of cuts. However, routers are now the primary cutting tool used for anything other than straight cuts made with a utility knife and T square. Please read this article for more details on how to cut drywall.

Installation is done with nails or screws made specifically for drywall applications. Drywall glue is often used in combination with metal fasteners to accentuate holding power. Please read this article that discusses options for securing drywall. Drywall screw guns are essential for professional Drywall Hangers. Drywall can be installed using a cordless drill however much care must be given to how the screws are set in the drywall paper. Please read this article for more information on how to use a cordless drill when installing drywall.

How many screws are needed when installing drywall? In general, you should refer to your local municipality for building codes. However, many areas do not have drywall inspections or require permits for hanging drywall. In that case, the principles discussed in this article will help you to hang drywall with enough fasteners to prevent unnecessary repairs.

When hanging drywall, the layout of sheets is important because the location of the seams can affect the strength of the joints. When drywall is laid out properly, it can prevent cracks in drywall seams. Bound edges must be kept together just as drywall butts must be kept together. Please read this article for more information on how to lay-out drywall.

If you have ever carried the stuff, you know that drywall can be very heavy. There are however certain techniques that can help you carry a sheet of drywall so that it doesn't feel like you're wrestling a rhino.

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