Painting Drywall Overview


Most people at one time or another have done some type of painting. Painting in and of itself is not difficult, however there are techniques that you won't want to neglect. Professionals have tools and techniques that make the job much faster, however if you are interested in painting a room in your house or touching up new drywall patches, you can probably tackle this yourself.

Paint your own whiteboard

Kids like drawing on the wall so why not give them a way to do it without getting in trouble. Learn how to paint your own chalkboard or whiteboard right on their bedroom wall.

Painting techniques can also affect whether the drywall seams show through the finished product. Although anyone can paint, there is a huge difference between the finish product of an inexperienced painter and the pros. You will benefit yourself to study up on some specific painting techniques. Doing so can give your painting project a professional look.

Make your own chalkboard with chalkboard paint

Make your own whiteboard with whiteboard paint

Challenges of painting drywall repairs and patches