Drywall 101

Drywall 101

Welcome to Drywall 101! This site is dedicated to providing professional advice on interior finishes in construction. All of our articles are edited by professionals in the interior finishes trades for everything from drywall hanging to painting so you can be assured useful content. At times our articles may touch on rough carpentry, however this site specializes in free drywall tutorials and discussions about products and techniques specifically related to drywall installation and finishing..

You will notice the navigation bar at the top of this page is divided into some of the steps involved in interior finishing. You should be able to find articles touching on your specific concern under one of the headings above. If you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to browse our sitemap, or use the search box provided on the right hand column of this page. The home page will have snippets of featured articles and links to find their content.

Interior finishes can make a big impact on the appeal and resale value of a house. If you are deciding to upgrade finishes or planning a project involving new construction, you will want to have a good idea of the process involved in each of the steps. Our articles provide homeowners with a better understanding of construction processes so you can make more informed decisions.

If you would like to do drywall yourself and are looking for some direction with tools and techniques, browse our articles for tips. If you are getting ready to hire a contractor you may want to familiarize yourself with the information contained on this site so you will be confident in making decisions at the recommendation of your contractor. We are continually adding to our articles discussing how to drywall and tips and tricks.

Drywall Material Estimator

The Drywall 101 material estimating calculator will help you estimate the number of sheets needed for your drywall project. You can enter project details room by room or wall by wall. When finished the calculator will lay out sheets staggering butts and re-using scrap where possible.

Paint your own whiteboard

Kids like drawing on the wall so why not give them a way to do it without getting in trouble. Learn how to paint your own chalkboard or whiteboard right on their bedroom wall.

Various Drywall Texture Styles

Drywall textures vary from state to state and even from tradesman to tradesman. The style of texture you chose for your new home or renovation can make an impact on the appeal of your home. Articles detailing types of textures including sample pictures are discussed in this article.

Ultralight Drywall

Drywall is a twentieth century invention that has changed the way interior finishing is done. New Ultralight© drywall is a great alternative to traditional heavy drywall. It is up to 30% lighter than traditional drywall and not much more expensive. Check out this article for more detailed information.

Sound Dampening Discussion

Sound dampening is important when designing sound proof rooms. Whether for a home theater, study room, or a commercial application such as hotels, health care facilities, or recording studios, sound dampening requires careful planing in construction. Check out this article for an overview of sound dampening techniques.