Skip Trowel Drywall Texture Techniques

Skip Trowel Drywall Texture

The term Skip Trowel is used to refer to various hand applied drywall textures. A true skip trowel texture is applied with a special curved knife that is 18 inches wide. The drywall mud is mixed with quite a bit of water to make it very thin. The angle of the knife relative to the drywall surface in combination with very thin drywall mud causes it to skip across the surface leaving behind the small round circles of drywall texture. A true skip trowel texture is identified by these small round circles of mud spread across the smooth surface below.

Skip Trowel drywall texture is often confused with a Hawk and Trowel drywall texture. Hawk and Trowel textures have more straight lines and several levels of texture flowing over one another as opposed to the distinct circles that define a true Skip Trowel texture. Skip Trowel drywall texture at times resembles a very thin Santa Fe texture however they are not the same. The main difference is the percent coverage difference between Santa Fe and Skip Trowel.

Photo of skip trowel drywall texture

Where can you buy the knife needed to apply this texture?

Many online stores sell these knives as knockdown knives or perhaps drywall texture knives. It is very difficult to find this type of knife in brick and mortar stores outside of the southwestern US. Most big box stores outside of the Southwest United States do not carry them however you may be able to find one at a drywall supply store specializing in drywall tools. Just be aware that if you use the term Skip Trowel to refer to a type of drywall texture, tradesmen and retailers may be thinking of different style drywall textures depending on their region of the country.

If you are thinking of having a contractor apply a skip trowel texture to your next drywall project, make sure to see an example of types of drywall textures he has created before you approve of his of style skip trowel texture. His idea of skip trowel may vary greatly from what you are expecting. Please click on the photos in this article to see some examples of skip trowel drywall textures.

skip trowel drywall texture